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Are you interested in advertising your company, product or service on our web site?

Take the opportunity to learn more about us by reading the information provided below. If you would like to receive further advertising information please send us your inquiry by clicking here. If you would like to download our media kit it is available in pdf format by clicking here.

By advertising with Media Inspiration you become an integral part of the design community. Media Inspiration caters to a variety of users such as web developers, graphic designers, photographers, producers, art directors and other creative types under the banner of new media.

We offer our users a variety of features and content encompassing:

Design Database:
An intuitive database of over 2000 prominent web sites from across the globe. We have built an extensive database that holds some of the best web sites on the internet. Every week new sites are added from users’ submissions, and the database is reviewed periodically for outdated website links.

Monthly Site:
Every month we feature a web site that we feel is unique and captures the essence of utilizing the tools of today. This site is displayed on our homepage, with the user’s accessibility to review previously selected sites in the archives section.

Monthly Artist:
The artist is selected for their creativity and uniqueness, we select them based.

Monthly Product:
Our partnership with Amazon helps us bring in-depth reviews to our users on a monthly basis. Each month we scan Amazon and find the products we feel our users would enjoy.

Monthly Book:
Our partnership with Amazon helps us bring in-depth book reviews to our users on a monthly basis. Each month we scan Amazon and find the books we feel our users would enjoy.

Reach your target audience through ad placement in our different content areas. Current possible locations include prominent placement at the top and along the right hand side of our site.

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"The crew at Media Inspiration are responsive, professional and have contributed to the success of our promotional campaigns for our software."

Colby Devitt
- President

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Comstock Images

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John Marshall - CEO
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What our users say
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-Simon Schories

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- Frou Bonham

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