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Phil De Paulis - Founder and Moderator
Phil has designed and developed Media Inspiration from the ground up. He updates and moderates the site on a daily basis while creating strategic partnerships for the sites growth.

Read more about the sites founder by clicking here.

Alain Hurtubise - Contributing Programer
Alain has assisted with all of the more complicated programing of the site. He has nearly 10 years’ professional experience designing, implementing and supporting a variety of technical solutions on a wide array of software and hardware platforms. Technically-focused and inspired by the dynamic energy of the industry, he is a spare-time web development and home automation enthusiast who enjoys the challenges of finding a creative solution in the logical and challenging world of computer technology.

Anthony Crawford - Contributing Moderator
Anthony, our night owl at heart. Helps by spending his nights validating through the countless submissions we get each week. He also contributes to our news by posting any of the great sites he finds on his voyages online. When not helping to validate sites on Media Inspiration he enjoys spending his free time with freelance projects and his experimental works.

Become a part of our site:
Media Inspiration is currently being operated without a profit. All funds donated are put back into the website for further development and site growth. If you would like to donate some of your time on a montly basis we would like to talk to you.Please contact us at:contributors@mediainspiration.com

We are currently looking for individuals to assist us with:

- General Editing and Proofreading
- Book Reviewers
- Product Reviewers
- Site Reviewers

You must have at least 5 years of industry experience in order to be considered.