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Media Inspiration has been featured in websites, magazines and books from all over the world in a variety of languages. Below are some comments from various media publications about our site.

- Pick of the Week
"This site rocks, plain and simple. A group of like-minded designers have scoured the web to bring us lucky viewers over 600 examples of challenging, creative web design. From goofy font archives to modem-crushing Shockwave demos, stock photo exhibits to facegenerators (just look), this eclectic collection of online eye-candy features something for everyone. If you're not sure where to start, check out the top-rated sites."

- How Design Magazine - Top 10 Links
"Born of the designer's need for constant creative and instructional nourishment, this site includes more than 600 links that will keep you sated for a good while. Included are links to exceptional personal portfolios, experimental sites, Flash sites and also practical resources like technology tutorials and Web resources."

- iReviews section
"This combination showcase and resource portal is a sure cure for any designer seeking inspiration or visual stimulation."

- MI Founder Interviewed - Scene360.com
"Scene360 talks with twenty-three highly influential zines and design portals on the internet. In pursue of revealing what goes beyone the scenes of a site, and especially why they do what they do for free."

Media Inspiration founder Phil De Paulis contributes to his thoughts and ideas about the design community at large.

- Netdiver - Online web magazine
"Which design portals* do you visit most frequently?"
Netdiver ran a 2 weeks survey and here are your favorites. As you can see - the submissions came from all over the world! Tx to everyone who participated.

{Your 10 most favorites}

- surfstation.lu
- netdiver.net
- designiskinky.net
- linkdup.com
- k10k.net
- pixelsurgeon.com
- threeoh.com
- coolhomepages.com
- newstoday.com
- mediainspiration.com


  - Search: The Graphics Web Guide
Search provides a timely guide to graphic design resources on the internet, focusing on design, typography, illustration, photography, film, and video. Websites are organized according to category-background, learning, media, practice, experiments, groups, and events-and illustrated with vignettes created from screen grabs.

"This self-styled "resource to inspire design professionals" boasts over 600 links, with monthly-updated content and new additions each week. Industry suppliers and vendors get their due, and a feature on "visual arts trends" posts a single timely link to various events and projects."

- "resource to inspirational Web design "
Mediainspiration - is a new resource website developed to help its users break free of their creative mind block and spark ideas from web sites featured on the site. Mediainspiration.com is open to its users to contribute artwork, links, and articles which are carefully rated and reviewed. Take a peek; you may be surprised or inspired with what you find. Watch out for special discounts off Comstock products for Mediainspiration.com users on their site.

- located on their affiliates page
Featured in the freinds of ed links section. "Reviews, news, links and articles" 

- from a editors closing comments

For all you webspiders/netjunkies, you can check out the following sites for your design inspiration and idea simulation.


- featured
"Fonte de inspiração pra designers e criadores em geral, o mediainspiration tornou-se rapidamente o favorito dos webmasters mais atualizados. Muitas seções, artigos, novas tecnologias e discussões. "

The google translation: "Source of inspiration pra designers and creators in general, mediainspiration quickly became the brought up to date favourite person or thing of webmasters more. Many sections, articles, new technologies and quarrels."