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Phil De Paulis
Founder / Moderator

Phil De Paulis began his career as a Junior Drafts person at an Architectural firm in Toronto. After two years his artistic talent and passion for design motivated him to learn the tools necessary for a career move. Teaching himself late at night, he learned the standard applications every designer used at the time. After a few months, he was hired as a Multimedia Producer and has been working in the new media industry for over 7 years.

Seeing the drastic growth in the Internet and the potential it brought, Phil decided to start a corporation called Media Kitchen Inc. The company was to provide new media and traditional services to their clients and was slowly developing a roster of clients that included AT&T, Bell Canada, Heinz Canada, The NHLPA, Monarch Construction, Ricoh Canada, and Wal-Mart.

Phil came to the realization that his staff was spending a substantial amount of time researching resources and ideas for their projects online. At the time there were no moderated resources available for designers and there an idea was born. Phil decided to build a site that would serve as a vehicle to help its users break free of their creative “mind block” and spark ideas from the links and resources that were featured on the site. Beginning with a modest database of 300 personal links the site proved to be an instant success.

Now January 2003 four years later Media Inspiration serves over 1,000,000 page views per month and is listed as one of the top portals that designers visit most frequently. Phil spends a majority of his time moderating and updating Media Inspiration, while creating strategic partnerships for the sites growth. The site is mostly maintained by Phil De Paulis with help from the individuals in the contributor’s section.