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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 13, 2003

Media Inspiration announces their re-launched web presence at www.mediainspiration.com

Toronto, Canada – Media inspiration would proudly like to announce the relaunch of its highly successful website http://www.mediainspiration.com. The new site coincides with its users requests from over the past three years. Implementing a new user interface and dramatically enhanced server side applications, it now empowers Media Inspiration to efficiently publish their monthly issues at a much faster pace. Founder Phil De Paulis proclaims, “Fulfilling our user’s requests was the drive of this years re-launch. Our sites unique content now provides comprehensive news, book reviews, product reviews, and design links to our users. Something they have always wanted,”

Dedicated to their users, Media Inspiration has provided resources that inspire and influence designers across the globe. It provides designers with that “spark” of creativity at their time of need. Media Inspiration currently uses the internet as their platform of communication to the design community. The site incorporates a large database of design related links, galleries, book reviews, product reviews, and a live chat appropriately titled: “Interact“.

Media Inspiration has developed relationships with partners that have become a valuable part of the web site's success. From providing hosting, prizes and discounts on their products, the partners provide the site's users with a great win and some great deals at the same time too.

Although the new homepage may seem overwhelming to a first-time visitor, it contains the most popular information users would scour in their periodical visits. To make this regular visit much more pleasant, Media Inspiration's homepage will now provide you with a direct, no-hassle channel to the design links, monthly features, news, latest editions, and top thirty ranked sites, and also allows easy access to the sub-pages.

Media Inspiration's concept is that “the homepage acts like your door to the inner pages which contain the content you are interested in”. The inside pages serve the site well. They have a magazine / e-zine two-column format so the content is easy to read and even easier to navigate! Your navigation through all the sub-sections are located to the left, and the copy and content are located beside the navigation.
This offers the user the ability to scroll and go to a sub-section very easily.

The relaunch reflects the giant strides Media Inspiration has made, and they have successfully managed to increase the knowledge and accessibility of their web presence.

About Media Inspiration

Media Inspiration is a resource for designers. Published monthly and committed to bringing its users the latest and most innovative design-related resources on the internet it has been featured in various publications and is rated one of the most frequented web design portals on the web. Media Inspiration continues to try and please its most important audience, its users.

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