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In early 1999, there were no moderated online resources for design professionals that contained well-designed, creative, and inspirational web sites. Knowing that designers can typically spend hours online, looking for web sites that will give them that great idea for their next interactive design project, the Media Inspiration website was born.

Started in the fourth quarter of 1999 by founder Phil De Paulis, he decided to build a site that would serve as a vehicle to help its users break free of their creative “mind block” and spark ideas from the links and resources that are featured on his site.

Beginning with a modest database of 300 personal links. The site proved to be an instant success and currently (January, 2003) serves over 1,000,000 page views per month. It is listed as one of the top portals that designers visit most frequently, and is maintained and moderated by Phil De Paulis with help from the individuals in the contributor’s section.