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People have been using brands to identify their products and services for centuries. Medieval knights sailed forth with coats of arms emblazoned on their shields. In the eighteenth century, tobacco and wine merchants burned distinctive symbols onto their casks. Cowboys in the American West used hot irons in the shape of their ranch's symbol to mark, or brand, their cattle before taking them to market.

During the nineteenth century, the concept of a brand developed a richer and broader meaning, which has evolved into the definition we use today. A brand has a:

- Core promise
- Unique personality
- Set of appealing values

The Media Inspiration branding tools are below. We trust that you will use them in good faith. Just click on the text links to download the logo.

- Sample of files to the right -

You will download a simple comp sheet of our logo in various useable formats. When scaling or adding color please adjust accordingly to fit your specific format.

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